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Digitize | Centralize | Virtualize

Redefining substation automation, together

Grid operators are facing hard challenges to keep up with the energy transition. We believe there is a need for a different approach to substation automation, one that uses less equipment and less manhours to implement and maintain. One that generates data on which operators can balance their highly dynamic grids. Something really flexible, robust and future proof.

Our products and services are unique building blocks for Digitized, Centralized and Virtualized substation automation. By providing super simple and easy to install sensors (Process Interface Units) combined with highly intuitive Centralized Merging Unit software the basics are set for the software defined substation.

This new approach leads to a complete different set-up, no copper wiring, but fiber optics, no IED on every bay but centrally, or fully virtual IEDs on a server. This redefining of substation is something we have many years of experience with and which is operational at 200 substations in the world. Now our new generation of products are in the pipeline, fully based on the IEC61850 standard. So, interoperable and exchangeable with other products is guaranteed.

Working at Locamation

You can expect to work on the front lines of innovation when it comes to proper measurements and data provisioning necessary for modern grid operation and system management applications.

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